CCPO Password Vault – First Time Login

You must have completed your access request and been approved before completing the steps below.

Login to this application requires a DoD Azure identity in the DoD Apps Tenant.

Steps to Login:

  1. Navigate to the site and select “Enterprise Single Sign On”. Create account and Email/Master password are disabled.

2. Enter CCPO as the org. You will have to use this org anytime you sign in from a new device.

3. Authenticate through the Microsoft login screens. Use a account if possible.

4. The app will then prompt you to verify a MFA pin with your email account. This will be sent to the email on your Microsoft account.

5. The app will then prompt you to setup a master password. This password is unique to this app and should not be used elsewhere. This password will be used to decrypt your passwords so dont forget it. A strong complex password is required.

6. Once signed in, ask a CCPO admin to authorize your account. You will receive an email that looks like the below after this is done. You will not have access to the org passwords until this action is complete.

7. You should verify your email for future email notifications.

8. (optional) Setup additional multi-factor logins. This will disable email if you proceed. Yubikey and Authenticator apps are supported. Duo is not supported.