Request User Access:
Note: This Access Package is for intended for Non-DoD CAC holders. For DoD CAC holders visit APP-USG-DoD-DISA-DoD365J-Guest.

Step 1 Navigate to the Access Package
Step 2Select DoD365-J Guest under Access Package.
Step 3Click Request.
Note: Your request is will be processed and access should auto-approve.
The status should display “Delivered” for the DoD365-J Guest package
in the Request History tab
Step 4Once the Access Package status is delivered. Notify your DoD365-J POC
that your Guest Account has been created and can now be used to share
B2B content.
Note: For SharePoint Online B2B access, your login domain name must be
added to the Allowed domains list in SharePoint Online.

Note: To gain access to this tenant you must first complete an access request and be granted access to a resource and accept the tenant terms (step 1-4 above).

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